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The best thank you note ever

Posted on September 1, 2010 by Leave a comment

I’ve been taking a mind break while on vacation but I’ll be back up in another week.  In the interim, we had some friends to our house for dinner and the next day received the usual thank you notes, all very nice but then there was this one:

“Last night I had a dream. In the dream there were three troglodytes and me. Now that I think back on it, there were four. I was the fourth.  We had captured a beautiful princess who lived in a far away land. We held her captive. And in the dream we made her prepare for us a repast. We had heard stories of her ways with the hearth – of how she could coax the serpent from the bottom of the ocean and up onto the deck with just a drip of seafood soup from her serving spoon. And of how the savage heart of the northmen calmed when they smelled the savory perfume of her work. And in the dream we were skeptical. For no one could live up to such a legend. But, when she brought forth the bounty and we savored it – we were smitten. There was much slurping, and grunting, and dipping, and shaking of heads and raising of the goblets in agreement that this was wonderful alchemy. And in the dream when we were sated, we leaned back in great satisfaction and loosened our waist-lets. And we exhaled and we nodded that this was for sure a wonder. Such that we had never seen.

As the dark and the vapors closed-in, we spoke of old acts of valor and adventure. There was talk of the ones who are no longer with us.  And there was melancholy and raucous laughter. And through it all the beautiful princess was a calm island of grace and tranquility. Then she arose and took a serving of the wonderful brew and gave it as an offering for Mrs. Troglodyte. And at the end of the dream we were all filled with gratefulness. And we released the beautiful princess.

What a dream!”

So what does that have to do with corporate myopia?  Well, the next time you dash off the quick thank you note to your friends, think about the impact of something more creative.  This is certainly a note (an email actually!) that we’ll hold onto for a long time and will be remembered.


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